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e-works Foundation

eWORKS is Modern Business Management solutions And the provision of home-grown integrated programming and development services according to international standards capable of competing with similar local and international products specialized in bodies, institutions and various work sectors. At e-Works, quality is our primary goal. Therefore, we are keen to achieve the best levels of quality in all the services we provide by narrowing the gaps between the theory and the actual application environment. established in 2012 with vision to be key player in solutions provider, our company based in Egypt and offering its financial solutions, Inventory Systems, Accounting Software packages and related Services to customers in middle-east Arab and gulf countries. eWORKS supports native Arabic as well as English interfaces enabling its Solution users to enjoy a natural user-experience and use the solution more effectively and thus extract maximum potential from their implementation. eWORKS is appreciated highly by businesses that understand the benefits of Information Systems and Effective usage of available Technology. An eWORKS financial solution should mean much more than an information system that gives its users the ability to record Vouchers, generate Orders and Issue Invoices, process Payroll, produce Income Statements

The e-Works system is highly appreciated by companies that understand the benefits of information systems and the efficient use of available technology

e-Works offers you business planning and management solutions, in addition to the services related to these solutions, to our clients in the Middle East, Gulf and Arab countries. The e-Works program provides application interfaces in Arabic as well as in English, allowing users of our systems to enjoy natural experiences and use our solutions more effectively, thus achieving the greatest possible benefit from running iWorks accounting software.

The e-Works accounting and financial analysis system is much more than just an information system, as it provides users with the ability to perform normal automation operations such as registering bonds, issuing invoices, processing salaries, issuing income statements, balance sheets, trial balance or other financial statements, performing financial analysis, issuing and receiving inventory, and performing operations Periodic inventory, barcode support, etc