eWORKS offers solutions for businesses of different types and sizes

specifically tailored to the needs of Middle-east, GCC and Arab countries. eWORKS financial solution is an Enterprise Resource Planning a solution meant for large organizations, it has bilingual support for Arabic as well as English.

iWorks is a powerful and integrated ERP system intended for large and medium-sized companies and comes in major versions:

We are distinguished by advanced solutions and additions in the field of (real estate development - points of sale - contracting - manufacturing).

The iWorks system integrates important business functions with integrated software solutions, which include:
financial management: General accounts , payments, receipts, cash, Fixed assets.

supply chain: sales, distribution, Purchases , Inventory control , Inventory Management , POS.

Contracting: cost centers and project accounting.

Human resources management: personnel affairs, attendance and leave, wages and salaries, personnel files management.

financial budget planning: analysis, reports

support for remote branches, cash flow management, Credits system. Integrated barcode system.

The iWorks system integrates financial accounting into an integrated program. It is a powerful long-term software solution that provides seamless integration between the sales unit and the accounting system. The purchasing and inventory control units are fully integrated with the accounting system. The iWorks system includes all the features and functions that you may need to manage your business, distributed among the basic functions of sales, purchases, inventory control and accounting in one software package that is distinguished by its affordable prices for medium and small companies.