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What does the accounting software for ready-mixed concrete offer you?

The ready mix concrete plant accounting software released by E-Works, The best accounting program for managing ready-mix concrete activity. Its importance lies in its ability to cover all stages of ready-mixed concrete production. From raw material processing, ending with the sale of the final product and the profit and loss account, The program, with its high flexibility, allows you to design an accounting program that is suitable for factories and ready-mixed concrete plants. Block factories have been successfully applied in major companies because they allow full control of the company’s internal departments and multi-branch stations through a single interconnected system that includes all the company’s activities. The program enables you to plan production operations based on customers’ pre-orders. Introducing the components of each final product with the types and quantities of raw materials involved in its production, as well as determining the cost.

If you are looking for the best accounting program for ready-mixed concrete plants, now the E-Works system provides you with an integrated set of accounting and administrative programs specially designed in the management of ready-mixed concrete and block plants. Its application has been successful in major ready-mixed concrete companies, which provides you with complete control over the company’s internal departments and multi-branch stations. Through a single interconnected system that includes the activities of warehouses, purchases, production, sales, human resource management, in addition to managing drivers and production equipment.

The most important characteristics of the accounting program for ready-mixed concrete

In light of our experience in dealing with ready-mixed concrete activity and our study of market requirements, We have drawn our distinguished vision in designing an accounting system that covers 95% of your activity needs. You can identify the most important of these characteristics through the following points:-

– The possibility of dealing with an infinite number of ready-mixed concrete plants and linking them to a unified system, With the possibility of creating a database for each station separately, You can also link it to a central database to overcome the problems of internet outages.

– Planning production operations based on the pre-orders of customers, where the customer’s reservation data is recorded with the date, time and required concrete mix codes, delivery location, The system automatically schedules daily and weekly production, As well as determining your needs for raw materials and equipment through managing contracts and reservations.

Delivery of customer orders in specific delivery stages according to a concrete delivery document signed by the customer through the Production and Movement Department.

– Billing the customer based on the sum of previously issued receipt authorizations, And delivered to the customer through the accounts department.

Follow-up on customer contracts in terms of the contracted quantity, the delivered quantity, the rejected quantity, and the remaining quantity for the customer.

Analyzing the profitability of customer sub-projects in the case of multiple sites and projects for one customer.

Finally, you can know the costs of production and operating orders of raw materials, labor, and industrial costs through the integrated costing system.

An integrated inventory system that includes the cycle of internal purchases and receipts and their conversion to production.

A notification system that allows you to get timely activity information such as customer balances, And account statements, production plans and delivery through e-mail and SMS.

The operational cycle of the ready-mixed concrete plant management program

Designing your work cycle on the strongest ready mix concrete system

Contracts and reservation management.

Customer contracts and reservations are recorded on the program by the sales department in preparation for the operation process.

Manage production operations at the concrete plant

Based on customer reservations and contracts previously recorded from the sales department on the system, production operations are automatically scheduled through the ready-mixed concrete program. Production officials review the daily and weekly operating plan and start production operations or create a requirement request in the event that raw materials are not available at the station, and operating orders are recorded on the system through the following stages:

– Calling the operating order from the contract or prior reservation to show the required quantities and technical specifications.

The history of the operating order and the equipment used is recorded.

– It is confirmed that the quantities of raw materials necessary for operation are available, and if they are available, the raw materials will be withdrawn for operation in “actual quantities.”

The actual produced quantities and waste, if any, are recorded and the number of operating hours for the operation order is determined.

Delivery management

Deliveries are recorded after the completion of the production process, with the possibility of proving the customer’s refusal (to prove waste at a later stage), and the driver responsible for delivery is verified to extract reports on the drivers’ performance.

Account management

At all stages of the operating cycle on the system, the general accounts program automatically translates all transactions with financial impact into automatically coded daily entries, Such as the entry of raw materials, the entry of adding the final product, and others. Hence, the results of the company’s business can be continuously monitored. At the end of the deliveries to the customer, the accounts department issues invoices to the customer based on the approved delivery notes. The position of contracts can also be tracked through reports.

General advantages of accounting software for ready-mixed concrete

E-Works offers a range of systems specialized in concrete activity. Within the framework of our experience with the largest ready-mixed concrete companies and our careful study of market needs, an integrated accounting software system has been built that serves the ready-mixed concrete activity administratively and accountingly. The system offers the following general advantages:

A- Coding ready-mixed concrete plants

With the E-Works accounting software system for managing ready-mixed concrete plants, you can manage and divide the company’s activity into a group of sectors according to the size of the company (concrete sector – block sector – asphalt sector…) and branches and concrete plants on a unified database. It also includes multi-branch companies, as well. Availability of a data-controlled system of powers that ensures branches operate flexibly and in light of the specializations directed to each user.

The multi-branch feature provides the advantage of extracting analytical data and final reports at the level of each sector. And branch independently or collectively at the level of all branches.

B- Linking stations to a central database

The accounting system for ready-mixed concrete E-Works works with more than one application interface. The system interface can be used through a browser. The system interface can also be used through computers. The two interfaces can also be used simultaneously, and the system supports all linking mechanisms between branches and stations. Traditional linking mechanisms or the unique E-Works linking system can be used through one of the following mechanisms:

Using an internal “local server” and connecting stations using connectivity tools via the Internet.

The database can be hosted using a cloud server and access the system from anywhere and at any time.

– You can use the distinctive E-Works erp system that enables you to work in cases of instability of the Internet, Where you can use an independent sub-database for each station, in order to achieve stability in the work on the system without the need for Internet availability or connectivity in the main center, When the Internet is present, all data is collected on the central database in the Public Administration. To enable them to fully view and control each branch.

C- An integrated inventory system

The ERP accounting system from E-Works supports dealing with an infinite number of central warehouses. and subsidiary, with each warehouse linked to the branch and its items, With the availability of full support for the warehouse management system, various warehouse movements, and warehouse transfers.

D- Standard and actual cost system:

The accounting program for managing ready-mixed concrete plants provides an integrated costing system that enables you to easily analyze and know the costs of the activity at all levels, knowing the costs of executed operating orders, The system is not limited to determining the costs of the concrete produced only. Rather, the user can set a standard costing system that is appropriate for each concrete plant separately. Where standards can be set for the manufacture of concrete in terms of raw materials and other costs, This leads to an analysis of cost deviations and their causes.

f- An advanced notification system

One of the most important features available in the ready-mixed concrete program is the availability of an integrated notification system that enables the user to obtain the necessary data and information such as customer account statements, treasury and bank balances in a timely manner through e-mail or through phone messages. Customers can also be automatically sent messages with debt arrears, quotes, and more.

E – Reports of the accounting program for ready-mixed concrete factories

The program offers an impressive set of reports that provide production management, all company departments, and senior management with all information about operating orders, contracts, and operations. This helps the company monitor, And follow-up performance and decision-making. These reports can also be exported from the program in more than one format (Word – Excel PDF), and the reports can also be redesigned according to the desire of each user.

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