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What does eWORKS ERP System offer you?

General accounts software is the best integrated accounting software for companies. As it is one of the most important parts of the company’s ERP system, This is because it is the link between all other parts of the program such as (stores – customers and sales – suppliers and purchases – cashiers – restaurants – contracting – human resources … etc.) and all of these parts are completely linked to the public accounts program.

The program is not limited to being an integrated accounting program, but rather an integrated general accounts system that enables you to establish the best accounting system characterized by complete flexibility. In order to serve your financial vision and aspirations in managing the company’s financial activity, supported by multiple and detailed analytical reports on the financial situation, And financial statements in addition to business intelligence analytics, which allows you to display financial data of various sizes and purposes in the form of summarized graphs.

The impact of the electronic invoice on the public accounts program

When the invoice is created in the sales program, the accounting entry is automatically created and the electronic invoice data and the unified invoice number (UUID) are defined in it.

The best integrated accounting program enables you to implement accounting entries automatically, As soon as any movements occur in other accounting programs, which facilitates the process of managing the company, The public accounts program provided by Oryx is also distinguished from other programs by its high flexibility, which makes the transition from the manual work system an easy process that does not require much time or effort.

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An integrated accounting software for public accounts enables you to import information from Excel

The best integrated accounting program for public accounts supports the ability to import data and information from Excel. As well as not being restricted to one system for managing the company, you can complete the transactions within the public accounts program in more than one way and through more than one screen, Which increases the degree of flexibility in the entry, in addition to the program is suitable for all types of companies of all sizes and activities.

eWORKS public accounts software is two programs in one. In addition to the calculations, the program contains a part for managing the assets owned by the company, The program enables you to manage them, regardless of their number, and whatever the transactions on them (add-exclusion-depreciation-renewal…)

An integrated accounting program for public accounts provides you with the following benefits

The general accounts program creates and records daily entries in an organized and automatic manner based on the accounting directives prepared in advance on the accounts system when registering any transaction with financial impact from any department such as creating the salary entry automatically and once the salary is approved by the Human Resources Management Department through the personnel program.

– The public accounts program works on the Real-Time system, and the system is an important feature that enables you to obtain information as soon as it occurs. When the sales official in any branch of the company issues a sales invoice, the financial department can review the impact of that invoice on the financial statements (income statement and balance sheet) once the invoice is saved.

– The general accounts program provides you with an integrated financial analysis system for your activity to identify the status of liquidity and profits, and rates of return on sales with the ability to compare with previous years in the form of illustrative graphs.

The program supports flexibility and multiplicity in building the requirements of the accounting system, such as designing the chart of accounts, branches, and cost centers without being restricted to a minimum level.

– You can get your financial information first, And that is through the mobile application, which provides you with information related to the status of accounts, budget, profitability, customers, and others.

Accounting periods and closing accounts

The general accounts program enables you to add the depreciation of assets during a period, carry over their balances, and control the closing or opening of the accounting period. In addition, you can divide the tax periods “taxes withheld from the source” into four tax periods per year (every 3 months), You can also close tax periods and pay for the tax period by submitting the tax form 41, which can be created through an integrated accounting program for public accounts.

The best integrated accounting program for corporate public accounts

An integrated accounting system to manage your company’s branches

The ERP accounting system provides you with the ability to create an infinite number of branches for your company.

The general accounts program gives you an integrated system of powers over all branches of your company.

You can extract analytical reports and integrated financial statements for each branch separately.

You can compare the performance of the branches with each other and extract comparative analysis indicators for the sales and costs of each branch.

Accounting system for public accounts

Non-leveled tree accounts guide

The chart of accounts is more flexible.

Transferring transactions from one account to another without the need to make reverse entries.

Transferring the properties of the main account in the chart of accounts to its affiliate accounts.

– The ability to add balances for the first period to the account directly from the chart of accounts, And linking each account to the screens on which it appears, as well as its cost centers and branches.

General Accounts Program – Accounting Tree

An integrated accounting system for managing cost centers

asset management, Fixed asset structuring

You can add a large number of assets at once through an excel sheet, which reduces time and effort.

– And the most important features in the general accounts program from Oryx are that it creates restrictions on all movements that take place on the assets, such as (adding – excluding – renewing – depreciation ….).

General features of Oryx Integrated Public Accounts Program

Recording asset data in detail such as «name, type, number of units, cost centers, branch, method and rate of depreciation, default age, And others ».

The ability to attach documents related to assets such as purchase invoices, insurance documents, and others.

The possibility of recording the data of the purchase invoice for the asset in the event that it was purchased recently.

Managing the renewal and addition operations that take place on the asset throughout its useful life.

The possibility of decreasing the value of the asset.

The possibility of excluding the original from the records.

Fixed assets reports with the integrated accounting program

The general accounts program provides an integrated set of analytical reports that provide detailed information that helps in making decisions related to assets

Manage daily restrictions

The Accflex General Accounts System works in conjunction with the “Fully Integrated System” sub-programs, as it creates daily entries automatically after saving any financial transaction without recording it manually. The user can also create daily entries, especially the opening entries, through an excel sheet. It also enables the user to create a journal entry form. This is for monthly or weekly recurring entries.

Restriction review system

All entries and electronic signature on the review process are reviewed. Thus, you can extract all reports such as the “income statement” on the basis of the reviewed transactions.

General Accounts Program – Daily entries

Manage planning budgets and budget forecasts in the General Accounts program

Through the Oryx General Accounts Program, you can manage financial planning operations, Preparing the company’s comprehensive budget at the level of sectors (sales – production – purchases – expenses – revenues..etc). In addition, you can prepare a financial cash budget for the company from a material perspective, The general accounts program alerts users if the planned budget exceeds the expense item.

Add balances for the beginning of the term

Financial reports for the General Accounts Program

Financial reports help the company in follow-up and control work. making decisions, These reports can be exported from the program in more than one format (Excel, Word, PDF). The reports are divided into the following:

A- General ledger / assistant professor reports

1- Assistant General Ledger reports for all accounts.

2- Assistant professor reports for all cost centers.

3- Assistant professor reports for accounts and cost centers.

B- Trial balance reports and American diaries

1- Trial balance reports.

2- American Daily Reports.

3- Estimated budget reports.

4- Beginning balance reports.

C- Final financial statement reports

1- Income statement reports.

2- Reports of the budget and financial position.

3- Cash flow reports.

4- Report the change in shareholders’ equity.

There is also the possibility of designing horizontal and vertical financial analysis tools and financial indicators. And review them in a coordinated and understandable form through the Dashboards

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