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Learn about factory accounting software and cost accounts

Manufacturing software is the best accounting software for factories. This is because it is suitable for all manufacturing activities at all stages of manufacturing, starting from the processing of raw materials, ending with the delivery and sale of the final product, and the calculation of profit and loss. The program is characterized by its flexibility, which allows you to design it to suit the nature of your company. It is also suitable for large industries such as the automotive industry and other industries that require assembling and manufacturing more than one component to produce the final product. The program does not allow errors to occur because it shows warning messages warning of the occurrence of the error in advance.

Production software provides full control over the production process in terms of raw materials. Costs and even pricing of items and goods produced. The ERP accounting system manufacturing program allows you to plan expected production operations or new customer orders. By analyzing the required and available time and raw materials, It also gives you excellent control over the balances of raw materials and products in stores.

The most important advantages of the factory accounting and production management program

The manufacturing program has several characteristics, And advantages that make it the best accounting software for factories and production management, We can review the most important characteristics of the manufacturing program as follows:

1- Warning messages and alerts that prevent errors from occurring

One of the advantages that may make you reassured about the manufacturing program is artificial intelligence technology, The program never allows you to make mistakes. This is because it shows warning messages (warning of errors) such as insufficient quantities of raw materials during the production process, In order not to stop the production process or imbalance the stock balance, and also to show an alert message when the costs of raw materials or the final product differ, Which helps you to correct errors to complete the production process, And certainly get the most accurate costs of the final product.

2- The constraints are created automatically in the manufacturing program

The program converts all transactions that take place within the program into entries with an accounting effect within the chart of accounts, as a result of the interdependence between all parts of the E-Works accounting software, which saves more time and effort in creating daily entries. and the effect of the chart of accounts inside factories, As well as obtaining accounting information in real time and providing all departments of the company with the necessary information about production operations, And certainly get the most accurate costs for the final product.

3- Manufacturing cost control screen

One of the most important strengths of the manufacturing software is the manufacturing process control screen. This screen automatically adjusts product costs to make the product cost as accurate as possible. All that the user does is choose the movements that took place between the exporting warehouse (raw material store), And the receiving store (finished product stores) during a certain period or date, and the program downloads all movements that have a difference in cost, and in a fraction of a second, the program adjusts the costs.

Accounting program reports for factories and production management

1- Report of incomplete manufacturing movements

During the production process, quantities are withdrawn from the raw material store and added to the final product store. An error may occur during production, and the quantities are withdrawn from the raw materials store without adding them to the complete product store, which may cause a problem in the production process. However, through the incomplete manufacturing transactions report, all manufacturing operations that have not been completed can be reviewed, and then they can be re-completed.

2- Report details of operating orders

It is a report that displays all the details of the manufacturing processes for a specific run order with the movement code, the movement sequence, or by date, and displays all items of the finished product executed during the run order, the executed quantity, and the quantities withdrawn from the raw materials store. As well as the quantities added to the finished product inventory.

Why is E-Works manufacturing software the best accounting software for factories, production management and product costs?

The manufacturing system offers a set of software applications specialized in managing factories and production units in their various departments and fields. Their application has been successful in the largest factories in Egypt and the Arab world.

– The E-Works accounting software system provides an integrated industrial cost accounting system that allows obtaining accurate and analytical information about product costs from all elements of costs, whether direct (raw materials and wages) or indirect, with a comparison of actual costs with standard costs of actual production and analysis of deviations in costs based on a system Standard costs designed by management.

What does an accounting program for factories and production management offer you?

– Planning and scheduling production operations flexibly based on customer requests (sale orders) previously issued by the sales department or relying on the traditional planning system based on the estimates of the production department.

Planning production costs through the standard costing system, Based on the issued production plan, it is possible to analyze raw materials needs, their cost, labor and indirect industrial costs.

– A flexible manufacturing system based on the system of production orders and production stages, with the support of non-standard production systems and what it includes of non-standard operation at all stages.

– complete follow-up of operating orders, Completion rates for each production order.

– Planning the needs of raw materials and production requirements at each level of operation. The need for raw materials can be planned at the stage of issuing sales orders. The need can be planned when creating a production plan, and it can also be created during the actual operation of the production stages. Based on the need plan, the purchasing and warehouse department can create purchase orders to provide supplies.

An integrated industrial cost accounting system that includes mechanisms and methods for calculating direct and indirect costs using multiple, estimated and actual bases.

A system of notifications and alerts for system users to obtain data on production at appropriate times, such as low inventory levels, cost deviations, and others.

Manufacturing cost accounting program and factory management

– The manufacturing program is one of the important parts of the integrated group to manage manufacturing operations, Which works in a coherent and integrated manner with public accounts software, warehouse management software, treasury and banking software, and human resources software.

The manufacturing program provides an important set of analytical reports used to determine the cost of the product from materials, wages, and indirect industrial costs, according to the nature of the costing system used. It also provides analytical information about deviations of industrial costs and proper accounting treatment according to the system of stages and production orders.

The manufacturing program consists of the following main screens arranged according to the stages of the production process and the flexible production cycle in the organization:

It is a screen specialized in designing the sub-stages of production at the level of departments and specialized in the production of semi-finished products, Direct and indirect costs can be added at the level of the subsidiary production process. As well as adding standard operating hours at the level of one department.

Main production operations screen

It is considered one of the basic stages in working on the manufacturing and factory management program through the production processes screen. The system is defined by the final product or products that are produced through a single production process. Such as the process of producing ready-mixed concrete, in which the types of ready-mixed concrete that are produced through this process are determined, as well as determining the standard quantity of raw materials for each type of ready-mixed concrete. The user can add independent production processes that include all products produced by each department or each branch to judge the performance of each Independent production process.

The main production operations screen is mainly used in the manufacturing program, as it links the previously defined production sub-stages in the sub-processes screen, whether consecutive or parallel, and determines the percentages of completion of each stage of the production process as a whole.

Production order screen with direct sale

Sometimes it may happen that the finished product is manufactured and sold directly without storing it, such as ready-mixed concrete industries. The production orders screen with direct sales provides the advantage of selling the product immediately after the production process, and the customer is selected and the tax and discounts group is selected. The system automatically creates the necessary constraints to process the production process.

Production orders screen

Through the production orders screen in the manufacturing program, production orders are created and managed, starting with defining the production process and the products to be manufactured. The stores of raw materials are identified, from which the raw materials are disbursed to the production process, as well as the stores of finished products, to which the final product is transferred, are determined at the level of one process.

The manufacturing and factory management program enables proof of changing the standard quantities to reflect the actual quantities, whether withdrawn from raw materials stores or added to finished production stores. And then extract reports of deviations from the standard performance.

Production order screen with direct sale

Sometimes it may happen that the finished product is manufactured and sold directly without storing it, such as ready-mixed concrete industries. The production orders screen with direct sales provides the advantage of selling the product immediately after the production process, and the customer is selected and the tax and discounts group is selected. The system automatically creates the necessary constraints to process the production process.

Production costs screen

Through the production costs screen, direct costs other than raw materials are determined, such as direct wages needed for the production process. More than one type of direct costs can be created, with the standard cost for each type specified, such as:

As well as identifying the elements of indirect costs such as materials and indirect wages and choosing the appropriate distribution basis for each type independently, Finally, the direct and indirect costs are linked to their account in the chart of accounts within the General Accounts Program.

Manufacturing process settings screen

Through it, the system automatically settles the quantities of raw materials that have already been withdrawn from the raw materials stores.

Integrated tree storage system

It includes the formation of raw materials stores, complete production, operating requirements stores, etc. It is also possible to add central stores that cover all branches of the company and the various production lines.

Tree formation of varieties

It includes adding main and sub-groups for raw materials and finished production, in the form of an indefinite tree, This contributes to providing detailed information on items such as raw material withdrawal rates, finished production sales, and others.

Standard configuration of finished production items

Standard components of finished products of various raw materials are specified in different units. Accurate standard configuration of finished items helps in identifying deviations of work orders through comparison between actual and standard performance.

The interconnection of the parts of the manufacturing system

All sub-systems of the Production Software accounting software are interconnected on a unified database that covers all departments of the company or factories, such as:

The general accounts system responsible for accounting directives, translating all financial transactions into coded daily entries, and extracting reports and financial statements.

– The warehouse activity management system, including the description of raw materials and finished products, and the complete design of the procurement and sales cycle.

The treasury and banks system responsible for payment and collection operations, whether in cash from the treasury or through the cycle of incoming and outgoing checks.

The personnel system responsible for managing everything related to the human element within the organization.

The manufacturing system, which is responsible for scheduling production operations, Creating production orders, completing the sales process, and more.

Machinery and equipment maintenance system.

All subsystems are characterized by the fact that they contain all the necessary reports to cover the information needs of users.

Bonding with machines and production lines

The cost accounting program is the best accounting program for factories that specializes in linking operations with production lines and machines by recalling all reports of the outputs of machines and machines operating systems. and entered into the system automatically without the need for human intervention, Thus completing the production cycle through its multiple stages on the system in an automated manner.

Advantages of the operating system in the manufacturing system and accounting software

It provides the E-Works accounting software system, which is distinguished in issuing the latest operating system for managing production operations with the highest possible efficiency and quality. Some of these advantages can be reviewed as follows:

A complete description of production processes and operating stages, The description of the production stages includes the following detailed data:

Entering raw materials stores and finished or semi-finished product stores on which the production line depends.

– Determine the products “output” of the production line, An infinite number of products can be added to one production line.

Determine the number of standard operating hours for each product of one production line.

– Adding direct and indirect costs related to plans and rates of distribution of costs.

Linking the production line to specific labor groups and determining the hourly wage rate for each group independently.

Flexible production cycle

The user responsible for production can create and add production orders directly through the production orders screen. completion and storage of products, And then start the sales cycle.

Scheduling of production operations

A master production plan can be created that includes the products to be produced during the time period specified in the plan. It also includes a plan for labor requirements, required operating hours, and equipment needed for the production process.

An integrated quality system

Ensure the entry of periodic data on raw materials and final outputs and extract reports comparing quality standards with actual results.

Factory operation cycle diagrams

After characterizing the production lines, the main production operations carried out by the main departments of the company can be identified in the form of a diagram showing the stages of work.

Determine the percentages of completing each of the running orders

To indicate the percentage of completion of a specific operating order, whether it is intended for a specific customer or was produced for storage.

Managing production operations for others

It may take place in the absence of production capacity or in the event of a breakdown of the company’s production lines. It is possible to prove production processes that took place with third parties, with an accurate determination of the costs related to the external production process.

Create a requirement plan

Production engineers and users of the manufacturing system can create a plan for the requirements of materials and labor over the course of the work cycle within the system, And then create purchase orders in the procurement system based on the demand for raw materials.

Accurate costing of the running order

The user can determine the cost of operating orders from raw materials, wages and indirect costs by adding types of costs and linking them to the production process.

Accurate distribution of costs

Indirect costs can be allocated using an appropriate allocation basis such as machine hours, raw materials cost, production units, manual value, and others.

Standard deviation reports

Which can be extracted at the level of operating orders and at the level of production processes as a whole

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