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The electronic receipt system is an integral part of the chain of conversion of paper-to-electronic transactions. It works in conjunction with the electronic invoice system to cover all types and forms of electronic transactions from all parties (invoice / receipt).

  • In view of the digital transformation of the Egyptian tax system, E-Works announces the linking of its program. e-office ERP with electronic receipt system.
  • Registering and encoding items and customers according to the tax system.
  • Sending separate or combined receipts to the Tax Authority, with the possibility of knowing the status of the receipt and downloading it.
  • The possibility of making an amendment or return on the electronic receipt.
  • Record receipts separately or download them through Excel sheet.
  • Extracting reports on electronic receipts from the record of receipt cases, added value, daily sales.
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eWorks Corporation is one of the leading companies in the field of information and communication technology. And the provision of home-grown integrated programming and development services according to international standards capable of competing with similar local and international products specialized in bodies, institutions and various work sectors.

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